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This is a projection of what HHS now looks like.
This is a projection of what HHS now looks like.

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Staff Fun Day!


Our Mission

The Mission of Hazard Independent Schools is to offer students a world-competitive education that will challenge their minds, inspire their hopes, and provide them the opportunity to achieve their dreams.


S.T.O.P Tip Line

Sad or scared? Call the S.T.O.P! Tipline to report bullying, physical or sexual abuse, if someone threatens to bring a gun to school, a student in a living situation where there are illegal drugs or addiction, concern about a possible suicide, or anything else you’ve seen or heard that’s bothering you. And you only have to leave your name and number if you want to.  Click here for more information.

New Open Enrollment Application

It is now time to complete open enrollment for current and new applicants.  The directions are listed on the open enrollment form.  Please follow link below:

New Open Enrollment Application